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Acrylic-Acrylite FF ®



ACRYLITE ® FF acrylic sheet offers the same transparency, lightweight, resistance to weather and rigidity than cast Acrylite sheet , but at a more economical price. It is available colorless, and a variety of opaque and transparent colours.

ACRYLITE ® FF sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.060″-(1, 5 mm) to 0.944″ (24 mm) and, depending on the thickness, sheet dimensions up to 100″ and 150″.


The frosted sheet surface softens and diffuses the light while providing some edges transparency without equal. Available with transparent or glass-green edges.


•Frosted surface with transparent edges
•Diffuses light sources
•Resistant to finger prints
•Easy to use (cutting, sawing, drilling, cementing and line bending)
•Ligher than glass and more resistant to impact.


ACRYLITE ® Crystal Ice sheets are available in:

Thicknesses of 0.118″, 0,177 “, 0.236″ and 0,354”

Dimensions: 49″ x 97″

Satin Ice ®

Frosted ACRYLITE ® Satin Ice Sheet surface offers full light scattering, which makes the material excellent for exterior and interior ads at the points of sale. In addition, through its surface designed to hide the traces of fingers and scratches, it offers significantly increased life. Available in six translucent colors suitable for the lighting and illuminated signs.

RESIST (impact resistant)

ACRYLITE ® Resist ™ 65 is modified acrylic, (formerly known as the sheet name Acrylite Plus). Available in colorless and glass green.

ACRYLITE ® Resist ™ 45 offers very good resistance to shocks, is durable and exceptionally transparent, what makes it a practical and economic alternative for the Interior fittings of stores and displays at the points of sale.

Characteristics of the ACRYLITE ® Resist ™:
  • •Excellent transparency
    •Easy of use
    •Resistance to impact and weather
    •Hard surface


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