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Acrylite OP-3 (UV filtering)

OP-3 ® & Non-glare


ACRYLITE®  UV filtering (OP-3) sheet products offers museum-quality UV protection, and the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing, without the heaviness or breakability. It is a safer alternative at half the weight of glass, many times more resistant to impact, easier to handle, and more economical to ship.

ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP-3) sheet is pure protection from the irreversible effects of UV damage. It protects from both natural and artificial light. Continuously-manufactured ACRYLITE UV filtering (OP-3) sheet filters out 98 percent of damaging UV rays, protecting paper-borne artwork, prints and documents from fading, yellowing and brittling. ACRYLITE sheet’s UV protection is part of the structure of the sheet, it can’t scratch off!

ACRYLITE® UV filtering Abrasion Resistant (OP-3) sheet combines abrasion and chemical resistance with UV filtering. It protects art from UV light while protecting the acrylic from scratching and the abrasive effects of chemical cleaners. Easily cleaned with common household cleaners, it resists scratching and the dulling effects of alcohol and ammonia cleaners.

ACRYLITE® UV filtering with Non-glare (OP-3 P-99) sheet offers UV protection with a matte finish for glare-free viewing and enduring enjoyment.



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