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Voici les différents Nylons disponible sur commande spéciale:

TECAMID 66 – extruded nylon 66
TECAMID 66 is Ensinger’s general purpose unfilled extrusion grade nylon. It is available in natural and black and exhibits excellent mechanical properties that are not negatively affected by hydrocarbons, ketone or ester based chemicals. It is most often used for bushings, bearing, and other wear parts. » Read more

TECAMID MDS – Molybdenum Disulfide filled (MDS)
Black or gray in color, the addition of molybdenum disulfide increases the surface hardness of nylon while also enhancing the surface lubricity and wear resistance of the material. » Read more

TECAMID GF30 – 30% Glass reinforced
The addition of 30% glass fibers serves to increase strength and dimensional stability of TECAMID GF30 as well as enhances its wear characteristics. » Read more

TECAMID 612 – extruded nylon 612
This member of the TECAMID family has lower moisture absorption than our standard 66 nylon and therefore exhibits superior dimensional stability than the standard product. » Read more

TECAMID ST – Super tough
Made from Zytel® ST801 resin, TECAMID ST has dramatically increased impact resistance properties and toughness. » Read more

TECAMID HS – heat stabilized
This heat stabilized product has an increased ability to withstand the negative effects of heat exposure and increased overall service temperature. » Read more

HYDLAR Z – aramid (Kevlar®) fiber filled
This is a family of superior wear and abrasion resistant products that is based on the use of aramid fiber reinforcement to supplement the natural wear characteristics of the base nylon polymer. » Read more

TECAST 6PA cast nylon 6
Made from type 6 cast nylon, TECAST cast nylon, available in a variety of grades, offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large-size capabilities of the casting process. It is available in a natural, black, and blue as standard products. » Read more

TECAST 6PAM cast nylon, molybdenum sulfide filled
The addition of molybdenum disulfide to TECAST 6PAM offers similar property enhancements that its addition to Ensinger’s extrusion grade nylon does. The increased surface hardness of this moly-filled product increases physical and wear properties » Read more

TECAST 6PAL cast nylon, oil filled
An oil-filled cast type 6 nylon used in applications requiring excellent bearing and wear properties where external lubrication is difficult or impractical. It is also available for food grade applications » Read more

TECAST 6PALM cast nylon oil & molybdenum disulfide filled
TECAST 6PALM is a premium grade of cast nylon containing both solid and liquid lubricants. These lubricants are dispersed throughout the nylon material to provide consistent wear rates and coefficients of friction. » Read more

TECAST 6PAG graphite filled
A graphite powder-filled cast type 6 nylon with properties similar to 6PAM but better suited to wet applications. » Read more

TECAST 6XAU high heat, heat
A high heat (up to 260°F continuous), weather resistant cast type 6 nylon with superior fatigue-resistance and bearing properties. » Read more


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