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SEABOARD ™, high density polyethylene (HDPE) is a sheet made to respond to adverse marine and outdoor conditions.

Seaboard ™  is impervious to moisture and resistant to sea salts.

SEABOARD™  does not rot or bleach as teak and other solid wood. In addition, Seaboard is treated to resist UV rays.


SEABOARD™  meets the requirements of FDA for use in applications that come into contact with food.
Other Seaboard™ attributes include:
• FDA approved
• Easy to manufacture, cut with wood tools
• Low maintenance with easy cleaning
• Scuffs and scratches hide well
• Does not rot, crumble or discolour, not even if exposed has the humidity and sunrays.
• Extreme resistance to high temperatures
• Excellent thermal resistance
• Excellent long term stability
• Standard colours (all with matte finish): Polar white, mercury grey, Craft grey, black, foam, Sandshade

Seaboard ™ applications include:

• The elements of pleasure craft such as benches, seats, panels, doors, banisters, door-cannes, chairs, tables-trays, frames, etc.

• Components of vessels and equipment for fishing

• Playground

• Swimming pool equipment

• Leisure park and outdoor equipment



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