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Makrolon ® GP  & PALSUN®

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 Makrolon ® GP

MAKROLON ® GP is a product for general use. It provides a stabilized UV and is an excellent product for use in glass and industrial applications, it also has exceptional resistance to shocks and has excellent dimensional stability. MARKOLON GP is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from-100 ° C to + 120 ° C

Makrolon ® GP warranty is 5 years.

With its UL 94 VO for the thicknesses of.220 “and thicker, the sheets of Polycarbonate become more acceptable for a wide range of industrial glazing applications than tempered galss.

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PALSUN is a clear sheet of high-quality polycarbonate, available in many formats.

PALSUN offers the transparency of glass and is less than half the weight, 30 times more resistant to impact than acrylic, PALSUN can be cold formed, manufactured and / or formed, making it ideal for applications such as the rooflights, roofing and glazing in general.


Clear or translucent sheet, PALSUN is also ideal for machine guards, fixtures, signs and safety glazing.
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